I believe that together we can build a better future for us and our kids. That’s why I enjoy investing my experience and enthusiasm into building great products with great people. Whether it’s a mental health software that helped thousands of patients better assess their condition, the largest polling app on Facebook with more than 10M users, or many small projects that made impact.

Technical Product Manager

Throughout my career, I have been wearing different hats, but have always been connected to IT. I started as a programmer, grew into a project manager and the head of the product division (product manager), then CTO of a marketing agency and finally ended up as a CEO of my own startup. The variety of roles gave me the opportunity to understand IT business from different angles. Whether it’s customers, programmers or executives, I understand their incentives and how they think. I believe that this is quite likely a priceless experience.

My background is a technical project and product management. That’s why I can easily translate customer’s needs and requirements into the language that programmers understand. Thanks to my experience with business development, I also understand how a sales team works and how to build bridges between them and the programmers.

Leading and managing projects always involves working with people. I enjoy achieving goals together, as well as helping the people that I work with to grow. Such as a junior developer who became a team leader after leaving my company. Or our CTO who grew into starting his own successful business. That’s also a reason why I speak about entrepreneurship and building products at universities and for non-profit organizations in my free time and mentor startups.

Mental Health Advocate

I’m very well aware of mental health. Whether it’s my own or the people around me. I’ve learned that many people around us don’t realize its importance, so I do my best to raise awareness and share also my own story that was also published by Huffington post. A part of my personal therapy to avoid burning out was putting my notes from running my own startup together, what ended up being a book. You can find “How To Launch a Startup” published on Amazon.

I look forward to being in touch and help you make this world better.