Business Model Canvas for Google Docs

Business Model by Alex OsterwalderAre you searching for the Business Model Canvas that you want to share with your remote team, or just take with you whenever you want? I was searching as well and couldn’t really find one. Of course, there are some apps or templates, but neither of them were really simple to use. So I logged on to my Google Docs account and created a template in Spreadsheets that you all can use.

So if you use Google Docs, just open this business model canvas for Google Docs to get it. Just a heads up that you will not be able to edit it. Do not ask me to give you that permission. Rather make a copy of the spreadsheet for yourself and keep using that.

I’m sure that your friends will appreciate it as well, so I prepared this tweet for you (you can change the text before posting).

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If you still prefer working offline, you can download the PDF version.